Friday, 9 December 2016

The most popular quick-and-easy gin cocktails

Gin is among the most versatile spirits known to man. When looking at a fresh bottle of gin, this may as well be an open invitation for one’s creative cocktail genius to work magic in the bar. Here are some well-loved gin-inspired drinks.

Gin Fizz

How often do you encounter alcoholic drinks that include egg as an ingredient? Surprisingly, gin fizz has made quite an impression on those who try it for the first time. A lightly whipped egg gives this drink a silky and rich texture, as it blends quite well with some soda water, lemon, sugar syrup, and of course, your favorite gin.

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There are some ingredients out there that seem totally unrelated to each other, and yet when they meet, they play beautiful music together on one’s palate. Bramble is when gin meets blackberries, a drink that showcases a most mysterious affinity. This comes best when infused with a little crème de mure, or blackberry liqueur.

Gin and mint

There something about any alcoholic beverage that makes it hard to describe as refreshing to the senses. However, there are a few out there that make things reconcile beautifully. Have some gin, add the mint, and you have the basic elements of one of the most refreshing cocktails around. With a bit of cold cucumber, this drink will blow your mind.

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These are only a few drinks which are as tasteful as they are quick and easy to prepare. Drink up!

Adam Quirk is the co-founder of Cardinal Spirits, a craft distillery operating in Bloomington, Indiana. Find more interesting trivia about wines and spirits here in this blog.