Monday, 11 July 2016

Match Made In Heaven: Coffee Liqueur Recipes To Try At Home

A cup o’ joe or a mug of booze can be a piece of heaven in the right hands; mixing the two drinks together takes it to another level. Coffee liqueur has been captivating the taste buds of plenty drink-lovers. And to enhance it even more, there are even coffee liqueur recipes with added flavors, few of the best of which are listed below:

Coffee liqueur-caramel milkshake

There is nothing like milkshake spiked with coffee liqueur. The decadent taste and the thick texture make it one of the most divine experience you can drink through a straw. To create this concoction that’s good for two, blend together at high speed a quarter of a cup of whole milk, at least three tablespoons of caramel sauce, three cups of vanilla ice cream, and an ounce of coffee liqueur.
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Coffee liqueur-tonic cocktail

One favorite summer drink nowadays is the caffeinated, fizzy drink: coffee with tonic water. Level that up with a genius two-ingredient cocktail using coffee liqueur instead of normal coffee. For a mellower taste, soda water can be substituted for tonic water. And for those itching for a little more garnish, a small amount of mint, citrus peel, or cinnamon stick can be added.
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Honey buzz recipe

Perfect for the holidays or a regular weekend night, this festive cocktail can be made by mixing these ingredients in a shaker with ice: one-and-a-half ounces of honey vanilla vodka, a half ounce of coffee liqueur, quarter of an ounce of simple syrup, and two dashes of cinnamon bitters.

Adam Quirk is a co-founder of Cardinal Spirits, an Indiana craft distillery producing premium liqueurs using local ingredients. Follow this Tumblr account for more updates.