Friday, 9 December 2016

The most popular quick-and-easy gin cocktails

Gin is among the most versatile spirits known to man. When looking at a fresh bottle of gin, this may as well be an open invitation for one’s creative cocktail genius to work magic in the bar. Here are some well-loved gin-inspired drinks.

Gin Fizz

How often do you encounter alcoholic drinks that include egg as an ingredient? Surprisingly, gin fizz has made quite an impression on those who try it for the first time. A lightly whipped egg gives this drink a silky and rich texture, as it blends quite well with some soda water, lemon, sugar syrup, and of course, your favorite gin.

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There are some ingredients out there that seem totally unrelated to each other, and yet when they meet, they play beautiful music together on one’s palate. Bramble is when gin meets blackberries, a drink that showcases a most mysterious affinity. This comes best when infused with a little crème de mure, or blackberry liqueur.

Gin and mint

There something about any alcoholic beverage that makes it hard to describe as refreshing to the senses. However, there are a few out there that make things reconcile beautifully. Have some gin, add the mint, and you have the basic elements of one of the most refreshing cocktails around. With a bit of cold cucumber, this drink will blow your mind.

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These are only a few drinks which are as tasteful as they are quick and easy to prepare. Drink up!

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Drink Me! The Health Benefits Of Scotch

Scotch is a form of whiskey, an alcoholic beverage made from some form of grain mash. The taste and type of whiskey one enjoys depends on the grain, its fermentation process, and the cask it matures in. As with any alcoholic drink, it is meant to be drunk responsibly and in moderation. It offers a number of health benefits, with two to three ounces of whiskey every day giving a healthy boost to certain essential bodily functions. Some of these are listed below.

It doesn’t contribute to weight gain: Whiskey in particular is low on fat and sodium. Furthermore, it contains very simple sugars which are quickly broken down as energy. This means that compared to other alcoholic drinks, whiskey does not add to the pounds while you’re having a good time.

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It can prevent dementia: This is a controversial topic but one worth mentioning. Whiskey – particularly scotch – has extremely high levels of ellagic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant. This acid is associated with the prevention of mental conditions like dementia. It slows down the decline of cells functioning for cognitive activity.

It keeps your heart healthy: Several studies show strong evidence that whiskey protects the heart by reducing blood clotting. This significantly lowers the risk of heart attacks or blood clots in the vessels or arteries. Whiskey is also known to increase the amount of good cholesterol.

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It should also be mentioned that doctors are now assessing the use of whiskey, especially its high amounts of ellagic acid, with regards to cancer prevention. That being said, drinkers should remember that these studies are made with the individual taking only moderate amounts of whiskey every day.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A Look Into The Distinctions Of American Whiskey

American whiskey descended from the Irish whiskey tradition, which is distinguished from its Scottish counterpart beyond just a difference in spelling. Unlike the barley-based scotch whisky, Irish whiskeys tend to mix other grains along with barley in the production of their whiskeys, a tradition that continued in what would later become the United States.

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The whiskey developed in America would then be made from ever more varied combinations of grains, which now include rye and corn and incorporate similar distillation processes as scotch, albeit with filtration processes that incorporate the use of charred oak and sugar maple charcoal. This has created a unique national tradition that has since diversified into a broad assortment of variants and flavors, which tend to lean toward the toasty, spicy, and sweet

The resulting flavor from the mash is tied in part to its grain content, which different grains adding their own touch to the resulting whiskey. Rye, for instance, imparts a distinct spicy flavor. The chief grain that goes into the creation of straight American whiskey is corn, which according to regulations for some variants must make up more than 51% of the mash used; the rules are similar for other grain variants like wheat and rye.

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Wood is a key component in many American whiskeys, with charred oak being a common (and in some variants like bourbon whiskey, exclusive) method of filtration. Whiskeys of the Tennessee tradition are filtered through this method as well. Most American whiskeys are also aged in oak barrels. The use of wood is responsible for the sweet vanilla notes in many whiskeys.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Where Everybody Knows Your Name: The Intoxicating ‘Cheers’

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There is no sitcom like the iconic “Cheers.” It has been 23 years since the widely-watched series finale, but plenty of its viewers back then are probably still missing the influential show that ran for 11 years.

Even some of the current crop of famous comedians, particularly Amy Poehler, recognize the contribution of “Cheers” to modern sitcoms and comedies for its palatable mix of humor and sentimentality.

Set in a fictitious bar (named Cheers, of course) owned and bartended by former Red Sox relief pitcher Sam Malone, the show was beloved by a wide range of viewers. It was considered to be the epitome of the 
“family sitcom.”

ts main characters were not related by blood, but it sure felt like they were family as they bickered, nagged, grew, and loved like they were one – they can’t live with and without each other. It was not difficult to be fully invested and care for each main character.

And even as they convened almost daily in a bar with booze in their hands, the show’s humor was not dumbed down, and no one ever got drunk. The script was polished enough so that parents can watch it with the entire family.

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What many fans loved about it though was that the bar itself was one of the most important elements of the show. It was home for the characters. It was where they wanted to be at the end of the day. It was where everybody knew their name.

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Monday, 11 July 2016

Match Made In Heaven: Coffee Liqueur Recipes To Try At Home

A cup o’ joe or a mug of booze can be a piece of heaven in the right hands; mixing the two drinks together takes it to another level. Coffee liqueur has been captivating the taste buds of plenty drink-lovers. And to enhance it even more, there are even coffee liqueur recipes with added flavors, few of the best of which are listed below:

Coffee liqueur-caramel milkshake

There is nothing like milkshake spiked with coffee liqueur. The decadent taste and the thick texture make it one of the most divine experience you can drink through a straw. To create this concoction that’s good for two, blend together at high speed a quarter of a cup of whole milk, at least three tablespoons of caramel sauce, three cups of vanilla ice cream, and an ounce of coffee liqueur.
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Coffee liqueur-tonic cocktail

One favorite summer drink nowadays is the caffeinated, fizzy drink: coffee with tonic water. Level that up with a genius two-ingredient cocktail using coffee liqueur instead of normal coffee. For a mellower taste, soda water can be substituted for tonic water. And for those itching for a little more garnish, a small amount of mint, citrus peel, or cinnamon stick can be added.
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Honey buzz recipe

Perfect for the holidays or a regular weekend night, this festive cocktail can be made by mixing these ingredients in a shaker with ice: one-and-a-half ounces of honey vanilla vodka, a half ounce of coffee liqueur, quarter of an ounce of simple syrup, and two dashes of cinnamon bitters.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A Beginner's Guide To Drinking Whiskey

First distilled around the 1400s, whiskey is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grains and aged in wooden oak casks. Whiskey has a rather strong flavor and high alcohol content but with a bit of familiarity, even novice drinkers can enjoy this classic drink.
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 The wide selection of whiskies can be intimidating for starters. Terms such as single malt, rye, and blended can be a bit confusing but these can all be broken down into simpler and more generic terms. To easily distinguish whiskies, it is important to know their origins. American, Scotch, Irish, and Canadian are just some of the more prominent whiskies in the market today. These different types of whiskies have varying flavors. American whiskey, for instance, is sweeter and is aged in charred-oak barrels. Scotch whiskey, on the other hand, has smoky and earthy flavors while Irish and Canadian whiskies are light-bodied in flavor.
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 To fully appreciate its different flavors, it is important to know how to drink whiskey properly. Whiskey can be enjoyed "neat" (without water or ice) but for beginners, a drop of water is usually added to the drink to slightly dilute it. Serious whiskey drinkers typically add a single ice cube at a time to avoid diluting the drink and making it watery but for some, they like drinking whiskey "on the rocks" or with ice filled to the brim of the glass. Although it's not necessarily better tasting, chilled whiskey is easier to drink and is perfect for beginner whiskey drinkers.

There is no one way to enjoy whiskey and the best way to know how to appreciate this timeless beverage is to simply explore and try it out.

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